Add a specific floating IP to a project

I use this script to assign a specific Public IP address to a designated tenancy, in my environment we have multiple public subnets on the single Public network and one of those subnet's is owned by a reseller we work with, so only they have access to this set of IP's

1export PROJECT_ID=$1
2export IP_ADDRESS=$2
3source admin.rc
4OUTPUT=$(openstack subnet create --project $PROJECT_ID --no-dhcp --subnet-range $IP_ADDRESS/32 "Customer subnet - $IP_ADDRESS/32" --network 2857ca3c-e05d-4f0f-bb53-e065e076e9ac --service-type network:floatingip | grep " id")
7echo $SUBNET_ID
8openstack floating ip create --subnet $SUBNET_ID 2857ca3c-e05d-4f0f-bb53-e065e076e9ac --project $PROJECT_ID