HP Server ACPI errors

On a particular customer's site, all of their HP servers are logging ACPI errors to syslog, filling the log and creating noise There is some discussion here https://community.hpe.com/t5/proliant-servers-ml-dl-sl/kernel-acpi-error-ae-not-exist-region-ipmi-region-powr-sb-pmi0/td-p/7179187 about a potential fix, but there is also a work around to simply prevent the acpi_power_meter module from loading

In the meantime, here is the symptoms

1kernel: ACPI Error: Aborting method \_SB.PMI0._PMM due to previous error (AE_NOT_EXIST) (20190816/psparse-529)
2kernel: ACPI Error: AE_NOT_EXIST, Evaluating _PMM (20190816/power_meter-325)
3kernel: ACPI Error: No handler for Region [POWR] (0000000049789c7e) [IPMI] (20190816/evregion-129)
4kernel: ACPI Error: Region IPMI (ID=7) has no handler (20190816/exfldio-261)

And here is a temporary fix

1sudo rmmod acpi_power_meter

And a persistent fix that will survive a reboot

1echo "blacklist acpi_power_meter" | sudo tee /etc/modprobe.d/hwmon.conf