The MaaS CLI documentation is a bit trash

Login to MaaS

maas login admin 5HvxATpW5487XmkSjZ:CXfC3McdvV9U9aefbp:wB9jGT8AJ4DUYArJ8dDqeRVczBwJEXMk

Set the IPMI Cipher Suite ID to 'freeipmi-tools default'

maas admin machine update bfyq3e power_parameters_cipher_suite_id=''

Commission a node

maas admin machine commission bfyq3e

Commission a node without re-configring the IPMI, which is required for some servers that detect the IPMI Cipher Suite ID incorrectly

maas admin machine commission bfyq3e skip_bmc_config=1

Deploy a node, using default config\Operating system

maas admin machine deploy bfyq3e

Get all nodes and send them to a file

maas admin machines read > all_nodes.xml

Filter that file to find all 'New' Nodes and pull their system ID

cat all_nodes.xml | jq '.[] | select(.status_name=="New") | .system_id' | xargs -I % maas admin machine update % power_parameters_cipher_suite_id=''

Delete an observed IP address from MaaS

1sudo maas-test-db.psql
2UPDATE maasserver_staticipaddress SET alloc_type = 5 where ip = '' AND alloc_type = 6;
3maas admin ipaddresses release ip= force=true